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Front-end developer,
A touch of analytics
With a twist of lemon

From business graduate to professional programmer.
Nowadays, I work as front-end developer at a startup and seek to deepen my knowledge on javascript, with libraries like React.js or Vue.js.

Check this site to see what I have been working on.



Cobalt Design

Work / React, Sass / 2018-

Work / jQuery, Pug, SASS / 2015-2017

Provérbios Disléxicos

Side project / Vue.js, Pug, SASS / 2017

Staro Webkit [BETA]

Side-project / Gulp.js & Pug & SASS boilerplate / 2017 Publisher

Work / Backbone.js / 2016

Non code-related

Luso Ténis

Tennis Portal / Creator and editor / 2005-2012

Ceira Rock Fest

Music Festival / Team Member / since 2009

Ceira Move

Local Web Magazine / Co-creator and editor / since 2009


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Buddies and inspirations

Tomás Francisco

Friend & code buddy

Travis Neilson

Code & Design teacher/Youtuber


Beautiful & free photos community


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